Apparels !

Branded T-shirt
all M size
collar : Rm60
without : Rm50


They are selling jerseys with a triple A Grade quality and 99.9% originality.

Offering you clubs and countries football jerseys from all the leagues in the world. 
They also provide a service in producing a team jerseys or clothing apparel that best serve you and your lads with printed names and numbers for the whole team members at a reasonable price.

Every purchase will be deliver to you by preferable and coordinated postage type that suits your wish.

jersey.png picture by izhamfitri
jerseys2.png picture by izhamfitri 

Each jersey you can collect 500 point of NextStoreGoldPoint


Selling Tudung,Kaften and Sutera via online .

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You can collect 3000  NextStoreGoldPoint for each Sutera u bought from gorjes sutera
500 point for Tudung and Kaften 


selling shawl & other accesories via online 
they are also D.U.C.T retailer that selling anticlockwise clock